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Different Flavors 18 12, 10:59pm

@LeeNTien You know that's the common misconception of many Western people. Many Korean still hate Japan (at least the Japanese government) and probably many other asians do too. That's because, unlike Germany that already admitted their faults, punished the involved war felonies and begged forgiveness, they just choose to keep denying the history. Please search for the 'comfort woman' statue recently established in Berlin and what Japan tried to do. Japan haven't even begged forgiveness to Korea, only just gave some dollars for 'celebration'. Some Westerners seem like overlooking the fact that the party that reigns the Japnese government still prays for their war heros (=war criminals, indeed) annually. That whole thing always makes us go nuts.

FYI, when SK was fighting with NK 70 years ago, Japan never joined any force. Just sold military stuff for their pocket money.