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Vinland 21 12, 9:11pm

@AmericanButterfly I actually had a dark theory of what happened between Vinland and his brother OSOG...

So Vinland is well-known and very well liked in his town, he is loved by everyone and his parents who give him enough love and attention. OSOG, however. Was a different story...

OSOG wasn't well-known and was neglected by Iceland and his sister who favored Vinland more since he was perfect in every single way while OSOG was clumsy and wasn't very friendly like his brother.

One day OSOG finally snaps and kills his brother in a fit of jealousy, he poisoned his brothers dinner. Hence why demon cat Vinland is scared of that bed, it was the exact same bed he died in.

OSOG was guilty of killing his brother and didn't receive the love and attention he wanted from the Icelandic siblings, so after a few days he committed suicide.

Btw they were just 13 when this happened, and when they got the chance to be reincarnated, OSOG refused. Because he thought that he didn't deserve it after what he's done, so that's the reason why Vinland is the only one as a demon.

Well, that's my theory. Good night. :shocked: