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Different Flavors 23 12, 1:05pm

'@spagboy69' What straw "it" are you dithering about? It's literally verified that hormonal birth control flips preferences. There's several other issues, like reduced real fathering with socioeconomic effects of daddy-state replacement, and statistical patterns of mate-selection that correlate with, of all things, the popularity of beards. Women with less masculine fathers or no father tend to regard masculine men as worse/"creepy" and more "other"/strange than women who had masculine father-figures.

Obviously, there's a developmental thing, and women are biologically wired with a potentially broad sexual range. Men are the ones that vary less in terms of what's attractive, and we're also the ones that consistently know we're physically aroused, when research shows women have some kind of block. Unconsciously women are aroused by MANY things men statistically aren't, but they don't usually consciously experience this for some reason. Men are usually straight-shooters in that the unconscious response goes straight into conscious experience. We admit more of what we find consciously attractive even against cultural propaganda too.