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Different Flavors 29 12, 8:22pm

@MagicRooster Oh please yourself. I once saw a Korean idol go to war with a Japanese fan on Instagram. Just because the fan had the Rising Sun Japanese flag as his icon. So, yeah, just because you can't get it into your head that there is tension between the countries, and are unable to understand that a lot of Koreans just don't like being associated with Japan. Doesn't make you right, and @cassert wrong.
Also, I don't think you understand exactly what a joke is. The difference between the "stereotypical" (not really) American male, and the "Stereotypical" Asian male is at best satirical. Which while a form of humor is not a joke. Which is a short tale or verbal sequence with a humorous ending. Normally in the form of a punchline.
Plus I would also like you to provide the legal documentation that makes you the world arbiter of what is and isn't offensive, and to whom can and can't be offended. Otherwise, if @cassert says it's offensive. They he is well within his rights to be offended.