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When yes means no 30 1, 3:06pm

@LogicMeister There is a Theory which leans on the Marxism:
It's called Social Market Economy.
Everything needed for surviving is subsidized:
Basic Food, Housing, Healthcare
For living you have to work. To have a big TV, a Car, more then only Pasta or Bread as Food. More then a small Apartment to live in etc.
So you have to work to have a good live, but you can't fall into oblivion.

In the last years the Social Market Idea accross Europe has been reduced bei Neo-Liberatism, but atm a lot of Poeple are fighting for it, as Corona Shows the Benefits of it: Yes lot of poeple have been hiten hard, but thanks to the Social Market they can survive in relative comfort and rebuild. And the Healthcare promise provided enough Hospital space.

I am from Germany and we were a big Social Market Economy. Unluckiley it worked in the first wave to well and we are now hit hard in the second.

It works as an Investment into it's Poeple by the Government.
Example: After the Stockmarket Crash i was 3 Years unemployed and the Government invested into a Job retraining.
All together about 25k € were spend, with living costs and retraining costs.

I am now full employed for nearly a decade now. I started with about 15k taxes per year, now i am nearly at 25k tax per year.
And there are a lot of similar stories of poeples around the stockmarket Crash.
That is Social Market Economy works.
Let your poeple survive and invest into them to make them productive.

The retraining started after one year of unemployment when i was deemed longterm and suiteable for training after a Job reintegration course and then test.