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When yes means no 30 1, 8:02pm

'@Elkarlo' That'll fail due to two simple facts:

1) Government can never hope to properly manage the economy, for instance, during the Pandemic, meat consumption dropped due to the fact that factory job where they made the packaging was deemed "non-essential", and 2020 was the first year in more than a century that Global Hunger & Poverty Rates rose instead of falling

2) Most people aren't willing to do work that in no way benefits them, and if they're provided with basic needs, have no problem lazing around. People need incentives, and entertainment/luxury goods alone is not a very good incentive, as people can easily find ways to amuse themselves and only buy luxuries to reward themselves for hard work, but if they don't need to work to eat, then they'd mostly likely not want it

That's why every Socialist System has generally ended up forcing people to work, and even then their economies fail