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When yes means no 30 1, 8:21pm

'@stevep59' You fail to realize that regulation RARELY helps Economies

In fact, the most regulated Economies are the most Corrupt, because it creates lobbying and crony capitalism. Cause when Government can influence the way an industry makes money, then it becomes profitable to start bribing Government Officials, and if by some miracle you come across you find a politician who won't take bribes, then they'll just find one who will and make sure THEY get into Office

Less regulated Markets are also alot more flexible and capable of adapting, and thus can not only produce superior products, can more easily fix problems. For instance, Logging and Paper Companies plant more trees than any charity organization or government program, private companies also do way more to clean up plastic in the oceans and have even devised ways to extract carbon emissions from the atmosphere. And WHY wouldn't they?

There's no profit to be made in causing irreparable damage to the environment and rendering the planet uninhabitable, and they'd go bankrupt if they'd lost they're means of profit, plus by collecting discarded scraps they can recycle them and turn them into some less environmentally destructive that they can sell