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When yes means no 30 1, 8:40pm

@LogicMeister Regarding market economy: Socialism is not about 5 year plans, there is such a thing called social market economy. I'll spare you a repetition of what Elkarlo already said.

Scandinavian healthcare is mainly run by the governement, as is education and quite a lot of other sectors.
On that, labor unions are very influental here and we have strong labor laws and we have collective labor agreements as well as mandated minimal wages and mandated vacations.

While you are partially correct, that sweden has scaled down programs, it is mainly due to conservative majority governments deciding that privatization was preferable, something that has proven to be wrong in Swedens case. But a lot of them are still running strong. As is our economy.

How is your own nations economy?
Do you get a lot of benefits from it?