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When yes means no 30 1, 9:02pm

'@Deviant' I'm just going to counter your point with a few basic observations;

If public school is so great, why do students who attend private schools out perform them?

Unions often make it very hard to fire their members, even when they perform poorly, and mandated minimum wages limit how many employees small businesses can hire, how are either of those things good?

Considering that Money for Government Programs have to come from somewhere, how does Sweden pay for it? If Taxes, then when they get too high it'll just drive taxpayers away, same thing is currently happening in US states like California and New York. If by printing more money and increasing National Debt, then I hope you like Hyper-Inflation, cause that's where that road leads

My own Nations economy is pretty good, but only government run benefits I get from it is a few hundred a week in disability payments. I'm doing much better via the private sector