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When yes means no 31 1, 9:14pm

@LogicMeister Your "basic observations" might be true for the broken system that is the US, but it is incorrect when it comes to Sweden.

Most public schools in Sweden perform just as well as the private schools here as they must follow the same program for educating the students, so that is a moot point. Sure, there are schools the perform worse in low income areas, but in general private schools is no better than public schools here.

The laws require an employer that has worker that is underperforming to put them into training to help them improve or find another assignment that is more suitable for them, after those things has been exhausted, then you can start talking about letting them go. Unions is also the organisations that make sure that we have a steady salary reaise every year that follows the inflation rate. And why shouldnt there be mandated minmum wages so people can actually live from having ONE job? None of us in Sweden wants the dumpster fire of a job market that is in the US where people have to hold down several jobs to surive? Workin 80 hours per week just to live is NOT an achievement. So why would we NOT want any if this?

Yes, and we pay for thise programs with out taxes. Did you know that the cost per capita for health care is much much lower in nations like Swedenwith universal health care than what is is for nations like the US that requires you to keep medical insurance, where some conditions is now covered , you can only use hospitals and doctors covered by said insurance etc. In 2011 I spent 4 weeks in the hospital, 10 days in the ICU, total cost was about $240. Same last year when I caught Covid, 2 weeks in the hospital, $120.
I will happily pay taxes when it keeps health care affordable and schools "free" and where they provide all the books without any additional charge + you dont need to pay any fees to attend school. And you get affordable student loans and student grants to be able to to attend higher education and have the same oppurtunities as everyone else. The same can not be said for the US.

Many people who view the system in the US as the epitome of a nation with it's so called "freedom" is either severly lacking in education and perpective on how the rest of the world works or just brainwashed by the typical propaganda that anything to the left of the Republican party in the US somehow is "communism".

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