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When yes means no 31 1, 9:43pm


"If public school is so great, why do students who attend private schools out perform them?"

This is not a counter. This is an assertion, and a baseless one at that. Private schools do in fact not out perform public ones by default.

"Unions often make it very hard to fire their members, even when they perform poorly, and mandated minimum wages limit how many employees small businesses can hire, how are either of those things good?"

Your first claim is just wrong. If someone can't do their job properly, a union won't help them. What they will do is step in if the company tries to fire them on unfair grounds, like that they have found someone willing to work for less pay, for example.

Further, just because someone happens to run a small business doesn't give them the right to pay their workers unfairly low wages in order to be able to hire more people. However, there are gov grants for such small business owners that want to do both.

"Considering that Money for Government Programs have to come from somewhere, how does Sweden pay for it? If Taxes, then when they get too high it'll just drive taxpayers away, same thing is currently happening in US states like California and New York. If by printing more money and increasing National Debt, then I hope you like Hyper-Inflation, cause that's where that road leads"

If the tax pressure is too high without any benefits for the tax payers then yes, you would be right. But the fact is that the taxes here in Sweden are actually used for important functions. I can't say that the same is done in California and NY, since both those states wrestle with huge homeless populations and ineffective government overall.
As for the moneyprinting thing, thats not whats being done so I don't see the relevance.

So your national economy is doing well, but you're not benefitting from it being good very much.