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When yes means no 1 2, 8:08am

@Kemm I fully agree that there is great confusion about the various labels among the uneducated. One of the seemingly most common (and possibly dangerous) beliefs is that so many tend tho think that Scandinavia is outright "socialist". And that term is then assumed to mean some kind of leftist paradise where capitalism is severely limited and the wealth is distributed evenly among the people. It paints Scandinavia as an utopian myth totally disconnected from reality.
And then major political players in the US makes statements that align with this myth (Bernie)...

The the one dimensional left-right linear definition of all the worlds ideologies is silly. Your "rigthwing USA" is corporatist imperialists (fascists). But if those are the right wing, where do you place the libertarians? To the left of the fascists? At least with the 2 dimensions of economic and social axes separated we can get some sense of the political landscape.