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When yes means no 2 2, 1:29pm

As I understand it, from several hundred miles away and having never stepped foot in The Peoples State of Kalifornia...

Supposedly, California was a tad too generous to its state employees some time in the past, and is now under a heavy pension burden. As anyone who has been a bit too free with their credit cards can attest, getting out of debt is harder than getting into debt.
The climate of California is beautiful, or at least the coastal area is. As I understand it, It's one of those places where you won't die of exposure if you sleep outside year round. This presumably makes it someplace where a homeless person CAN live. Add to that, I'm to understand that a lot of states took advantage of California, at times in the past, giving "undesirables", including lots with psychiatric needs, a bus ticket "away", with at least some suggestion that "west" might be a good choice. I can not attest to this; it is only what I have heard.

On the flip side...
Then there is the issue that when you cram a bunch of people into a small space, the fair market value of that space will go up until someone moves out.
Then, I've heard stories of heavy-handed bureaucracy further exacerbating an already challenging housing market. A case of too much government interference throttling any chance for growth.

Yes, there are a LOT of weasel words in my response. I've already admitted to having no personal knowledge of the issues of that state.

I have even less to say about New York, except that unfettered real-estate speculation does appear to be a dangerous thing.

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