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When yes means no 6 2, 2:03am

@Deviant Now you are outright lying. (the only tool of the socialist)
Swedish public healthcare is run by the counties (Landsting) or local municipalities (kommuner). About HALF of all healthcare is supplied by private healthcare providers (this varies greatly between the regions, in Stockholm two thirds of all healthcare is private!).
For education 25% of all schools are privately run. 28% of "high-school"(Gymnasie) students go to privately run schools.
And. There is no minimal wage in Sweden.

Only leftists liars claim that the privatization of schools and healthcare is a failure. The fact is that in private healthcare; workers get higher salaries, the patients get better care and feel more cared for, and it is also much cheaper to run. The failure of schools in general because of the slacker mentality (flumskola) that has been pushed by leftist policies since the 70's.
-If the socialists that hate privatization had gotten their way; Televerket would still be a state monopoly. Phone and internet service would be provided only by them. No phones would be private property, all phones would be on loan from Televerket. The whole Swedish IT sector would not exist.

The economy runs well because Sweden have very low corporate tax and that it is comparably easy to start a business than in other countries. That Sweden as a whole is export oriented also makes it quite easy to expand to other markets. The more free the market is the better the economy runs, not the opposite.