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When yes means no 6 2, 9:59pm

@Father_Svitjod And what is the counties and municipalities a form of?
Thats right. Local government.
And who does the local government answer to?
Thats right. The national government.

And well, how is that privatization going for Stockholm?
Hospitals working fine? Nya Karolinska Solna is a mess of ineffective administration and corruption.

Personnel being treated well?
Nope. The health workers are so overworked that some are even "escaping" to neighboring nations. Due to budget cuts and more overtime. In the pursuit of profit.

What about the elderly?
Same there. Treated poorly. Hardly even get proper meals. Some are even forgotten about and left to die. By private care companies such as like Attendo.

Also, having 25% (as you claim) of all education be private means that the other 75% is what?
Thats right, run by the municipality, and thus government.

There is a minimal wage in Sweden, at those companies that has a collective labor agreement. 9 out of 10 workers has those, so roughly 90% of all working swedes has a set minimum wage.

Only neoliberals claim that privatization of school and healthcare isn't a failure that costs lives. The rest of this statement is just empty claims. There has been a multitude of reports of how privatization has meant worse quality for most people, both by academia and from media.

And Televerket isn't healthcare or education, but okay, lets take a look at how telia is doing.
Ah. Filled with controversies and not doing so well financially.

Lets look at another state monopoly. The postal service.
Postnord has more or less become a meme in Sweden, with everyone expecting their mail to be either late or lost, and their packages damaged. The company is even called "Postmord".
So the postal service became an actual joke after it went private.

Finally. I am not opposed to a freeish market. I prefer mixed markets, ie free but with regulations. That has been shown to work the best.

So don't come here and call me a liar when you don't know what I'm talking about. Its rude and stupid.