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How the North works 13 2, 8:14pm

@punasinerva I'm not a linguist, but I don't believe Germanic and Uralic are at the same level as comparisons. Maybe Indo-European and Uralic are? Nevertheless, Uralic is going way, way back. I'm not sure even Finno-Ugric would be comparable (includes Hungarian and languages on the east side of the Ural mountains). Finno-Permic (doesn't include Hungarian or the far away eastern languages) might be a closer match. From my limited pov, the major Germanic languages are closer to each other than Finnish is to Hungarian, after all. I could be utterly wrong, though. Comparing Scandinavian languages to Balto-Finnic languages might serve as some sort of highest level comparison.

I'm not a linguist, so you are free to take this as nonsense.