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When yes means no 12 3, 9:55pm

@Sinvanor Yeah also most countries call themselves 'democracy' while most of them are merely elective oligarchies.
When liberals took over power in France and USA they managed the feat to make people believe democracy was the same as elective oligarchy. But it's not and it's really apparent nowadays when political leaders take a lot of decisions that don't benefit most people in any way. If power really was in the hands of the people (which is what democracy means literally), such decision could not be made.

On a side note and ironically, though France is technically a Republic and UK a monarchy, France is closer to an elective monarchy type of government while UK is closer to an elective oligarchy (which is usually how you would describe a republic). Talk about confusing names. The world is such a mess right now that we lost most of what the words mean when it comes to politics.