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No pets allowed 23 3, 4:53pm

@numbat I was just re-reading SatW to take my mind off the mass-shooting we had yesterday (and the one a few days before that), and your comment reminded me that we do have one non-military use for them: feral hogs. They don't just ruin crops, but they also dig up the land so it can't be tilled until it's re-graded. They have no natural predators, they travel in packs (bands? gangs?) of 20-50, and apparently shotguns just make them mad. You'd think that we could legislate that one sensible use in for the tiny minority of farmers whose land they ruin, but we can't seem to. I thought for sure we'd manage sensible gun reform after Sandy Hook, but instead we got conspiracy theories about how it was staged like the moon landings. You're not alone in your confusion - so many of us don't understand why, when ~70% of our country wants this, we're held hostage by a tiny corrupt minority with noisy, well-funded, lobbyists.

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