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Secrets in the closet 29 3, 5:09pm

@Tarmaque don't know where you got your information from - New Zealand has a large number of feral species doing very well unfortunately - six different species of deer, three species of goat (domestic, chamois and himalayan tahr) stoats, weasels, hedgehogs, cats, foxes, hares and yes, rabbits, as well as ring tailed possums, wallabies and black swans from Australia. Most introduced animals have done very well, much to the detriment of the native fauna and flora.
I suspect Humon has made a common mistake, though - Wapiti, which is also known as Elk in north America, have been introduced into New Zealand. Confusingly, Moose also get called Elk in Europe, despite being a different species from Wapiti. As far as I am aware, Wapiti-Elk were introduced into New Zealand, but Moose-Elk weren't.