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Secrets in the closet 30 3, 3:43am

@Anthraxia From what I understand, (I'm not a Kiwi, so my information on such matters is third hand) a few Canadian Moose were imported and released on a couple different occasions a hundred years ago. This is in addition to the Colorado Wapiti Elk, which I was to understand didn't do well in the wild.

I'm more used to the Roosevelt Elk, which is a sub species of the Wapiti Elk found in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It was quite common here until recently when Chronic Wasting Disease caused populations to plummet. However they are still common nearer the ocean and can even be a nuisance to residents.

I was aware of most of those other species, particularly the smaller ones. Around here we mostly have black-tail deer and mule deer, with a small population of endangered (here) white-tail deer. I hear in NZ European Red Deer have thrived in the wild, while the elk population are found mostly on game ranches where they can be looked after.

European red deer are more similar to the Wapti Elk in size and shape than the deer species we have here.