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If u want to reply, please move to this one. I can't find and edit my old comments anymore there

Thanks, it was getting a little wild and woolly over there, wasn't it? :atroll: Maybe we can keep things in a slightly more logical order over here. Let's see if I can catch up:

#9856586 U remind me of the JFK case, why it took so long to end his case ?

The JFK case was closed decades ago: Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, the way nearly all assassins of our presidents have, and the Russians, the Mafia, the CIA, Vice President Johnson, the Cigarette Smoking Man, or space aliens were not involved. Every so often, new information is released on the case, but none of it has ever changed that conclusion. Proponents of alternate hypotheses always point to information about the case that has not been released to the public, and assume that there's some kind of important revelation that THEY don't want us to see; but documents get classified for all kinds of reasons, and I have serious doubts that after all these years, whatever is left to be released will change what we know already.

#9856600 BTW... Oh My Kim Jong Un the New God!!! Aliens were here too

They're everywhere, aren't they? :D I don't know anything about that site in West Java, but the report looks typical of History Channel's archaeological ideas: find an intriguing site, make up stories about space aliens and/or lost civilizations to explain it, pick and choose evidence that supports your stories, and drag in irrelevant ideas from crackpot writers from 100 years ago, then pitch it to the History Channel for a series. :XD:

The whole thing falls apart for me when they try to support their ideas by bring up the theories of the early-20th-century kook James Churchward about the Lost Continent of Mu in the South Pacific. Fun Fact: James Churchward's great-grandson, Jack Churchward, started a blog many years ago to examine the writings of his ancestor, to see what truths might lie behind them. It didn't take him long to conclude that the elder Churchward made the whole thing up, but he continues to write about how those writings have affected modern writers, as well as presenting little-known aspects of Churchward's character, such as his oil paintings and his early career as a tea-planter in India and Ceylon.

i hope this video will help u about the table manner, in case the Queen invites u someday for some afternoon tea, don't forget about your little finger when u take the cup

I've actually been to British-style afternoon teas, which are rather popular in upscale hotel restaurants around here, tiered tea stand and all, so I'm sort of familiar with proper behavior. And yes, this Beast can act like a proper gentleman when he has a darn good reason to. :) And I do pronounce "scone" to rhyme with "dawn", and not with "bone". I ask for a "skawn" at Starbucks and they say, "A what? Oh, you mean a skohn!"

Oh... I love the queen Elizabeth II, she's a very strong woman, she serve in military, and until today, she still not afraid to drive her own car, and her age already 90 something, was she ever sick or something? She really good playing her roll as a Queen of England from her young age till today, it's a lifetime job

She's had some health problems lately, and has been letting Prince Charles take up a lot of the duties that she herself used to carry out, but it is amazing that she's been hanging in there as well as she has. I've heard that the Royal Family is big into alternative medicine like homeopathy, but I imagine being worth £300 million can buy you a whole lot of whatever kind of health care you might want. :XD:

The Monarch can abdicate the throne in favor of whoever is the heir apparent, any time he or she wants to. Some Britons have thought that Elizabeth, because of her age, ought to abdicate in favor of Charles; others think she should maintain her position, but that Charles, when he becomes King, should abdicate immediately in favor of William. But the Queen isn't going anywhere any time soon, and Charles has loudly insisted that he won't abdicate; and besides, William says he doesn't want to become King right away - he's more interested in family life and raising his children for the time being. So we'll just have to wait and see how soon we get a King William V. :D