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Trans Fear 17 4, 11:44pm

@uktana Ow... Thanx :D
WHAT? the Cigarette Smoking Man and Aliens weren't involved :shocked:

Yeah... I never seen and heard about that old sites in West Java before i found that video, and when i read the comments section, some Indonesian wrote that it just old temple build by our ancestor, and westerner see as the Aliens things, maybe same as if we see "Durian" as ordinary fruit, then westerner will see it as an Alien's fruit :XD:
So... That Mu continent just a joke :D

Oh... So u ready if the Queen invites u to her afternoon tea :D yeah... There's some course about table manner in some hotel and culinary academy in here too, but since think that my chance
to meet the Queen will be just 0.000000001℅ then i don't want to know which spoon for soup or how to stir my tea properly :XD: