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Trans Fear 18 4, 9:12am

@uktana BTW i find this interisting in my TOEFL book, when i read about the Romulus and Remus, the legendary twin founder of rome, when far back as 700 B.C. peoples have talked about children being cared by wolves. This seemingly preposterous idea didn't become credible until the late nineteenth century when a French doctor actually found a naked 10 year old boy wondering in the woods. He didn't walk, could not speak intelligibly, nor could relate to people. He only groweled and stared at them. Finally, the doctor won the boy's confidence and began to work with him. Hmmm... Seems like Tarzan movie :XD:
And in "Stolen Child" novel that i read about Hobgoblin, it also explained about that "Holy Greyhound" in French, when the parents left their sick baby in the woods for help from Saint Guinefort.