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Trans Fear 18 4, 11:22pm

@RusA #9856612
westerner see as the Aliens things, maybe same as if we see "Durian" as ordinary fruit, then westerner will see it as an Alien's fruit

From what I've heard of durian, it sounds like it might have originated on another planet. :)

Speaking of aliens among us - one of the weird ideas going around the interwebs these days is that octopuses must have come from another planet, because unlike the rest of us, they have eight legs, nine brains, three hearts, and blue blood, plus the beak is the only solid thing on them, and they can squeeze themselves through any opening that they can get that part through. They're intelligent, and their eye structure is more complex than ours, including having no blind spot. Also, they can hide by changing their color to match the background. Sounds like an alien creature to me!

Actually, they have one main brain and eight smaller ones, one for each limb, each of which moves independently. The blood is blue because it's copper-based rather than iron-based like ours (just like Mr. Spock, except that his blood is green :) ). It has one heart for general circulation and two for the gills, because copper-based blood carries less oxygen and has to be pumped under higher pressure. Tarantulas, scorpions, and horseshoe crabs also have this kind of blood, so they must also originate on another planet as well. :)