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@RusA #9856618 In the U.S., we have preschool for very small children, kindergarten for five-year-olds, then at six they start elementary school, which is more usually called "grade school" - sometimes "primary school", but that's considered a bit formal. Originally, grade school was eight years, then the child started high school, which lasted for four years, so he graduated at age 17 or 18. After graduating from high school, one entered the work force or went to either college or a vocational school (to become a plumber, electrician, or other skilled manual worker).

Over the years, another level of education was added in between, called either "junior high school" or "middle school". It varies from one school system to another, but in the one I went to, grade school was first grade to sixth grade; then middle school for seventh, eighth, and ninth grades; and then three years of high school - tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade.