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Trans Fear 19 4, 12:21am

@RusA #9856619 That's great, thanks for sharing. One of the definitions of a sophisticated intellectual is someone who can listen to The William Tell Overture and not think about The Lone Ranger. image Also, I would add being able to listen to Rossini's overture to The Barber of Seville without thinking about Bugs Bunny. They mentioned this one in the video you shared, but here's the whole thing in case haven't seen it, or want to see it again. :)

Another parody of classical music with Bugs and Elmer, and one of my all-time favorite pieces of film of any kind, is "What's Opera, Doc?", a send-up of high opera, with Bugs and Elmer hamming it up to Richard Wagner's music. Just about everyone my age can sing "Kill the Wabbit" to the tune of "Flight of the Valkyries". :D