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they afraid that human in the future will come to find them in Mars, and then kill them, and then built some hotel and resident, golf place, shop, factory, space ship pollution, and many-many bad things on earth, that they really afraid of

Back in the Fifties, the scifi author Ray Bradbury put a bunch of his short stories set on Mars into a volume called The Martian Chronicles. It started with explorations by Earth astronauts that antagonized the native Martians; but then the Martians got wiped out by the chickenpox virus carried by one of the expeditions that they had no immunity to; then more and more Earthlings settled on Mars as things got worse on Earth; then finally, Earth went into a dark age because of a nuclear war, and the settlers on Mars were cut off from travel or communication, and they ultimately realized that now they were the Martians. The natives were afraid that the Earth expeditions would bring just the sort of thing you said, but they never got a fair chance to fight back.