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Trans Fear 21 4, 1:34am

@uktana #9856681 WHAT? U eat shark? That's Kim Jong Un fav. Pets :angry:
Yeah... I don't really know many kind of fish, for me all fish tasted all just the same like a "fish", and i never eat fish for my self, i just eat fish when eat with someone, and they order the fish that i didn't really understand if the fish is from the sea(salt water) or river kind of fish. One time after i ate the fish, the bone was stuck in my throat, usually when i eat rice after that the bone will gone, but after i ate lots of rice the bone still stuck on my throat, so i must to find on internet how to get rid that bones, and i found in someone blog that to get rid the bone must eat sponges cake, and then i bought a sponges cake on the mall, and magically the fish's bone was gone...
Theres also a Japanese rastaurant , they eat sushi when they fish still alive, they said it's still fresh :shocked:

I don't know how that fish was still alive, i remember the fish that i wash and rinse before i put it in referigerator already headless and all the stomach also already gone, and magically after i pray for that fish to rest in peace, it didn't move anymore :D