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Trans Fear 21 4, 3:47am

@uktana #9856682 oh...that looks like a snow wall in Connecticut :D i love that pic with the lady still wearing an old dress in the old times.
I saw many video about off the grid building, that peoples built in the middle of nowhere, but they still surounded by trees,that house in Iceland has no trees. And i love that scenery of a mountain coverd by snow, that i always see in the movie sound of music, when i was in Japan to see that eternal snow, i must to change train and go back to Tokyo from Omachi station, my cousin decided to buy some snacks outside the station. When i saw that mountain covered by snow from the gate of the station, i was so amazed with that scenery from that town, i can see the mountain with the snow, it was so cool. That the view that i always want to see since i was a kid, i mean it wasn't in Austria, but still amazing.