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Trans Fear 21 4, 9:55pm

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WHAT? U eat shark? That's Kim Jong Un fav. Pets

Sometimes you eat the shark, and sometimes the shark eats you. :D

It sounds funny to me that you say all fish taste the same to you, because they're all different to me. I eat a lot of ocean fish, but we have plenty of fresh-water fish, too, like carp, trout, and perch. My relatives in Missouri live near a big lake, and they often have catfish and paddlefish (aka "spoonbills"). I don't care for either one, really - catfish is full of bones, and because they're bottom-feeders, they taste like mud. Paddlefish are related to sturgeons, and more distantly to sharks, so they don't have bones, just cartilage skeletons. But they don't have much flavor, either. Paddlefish eggs have gotten popular lately as a fair substitute for sturgeon caviar from Russia, which has gotten hugely expensive since our wildlife agencies don't allow it to be imported anymore.