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Trans Fear 22 4, 11:51pm

@RusA #9856710 Yes - British, American, Canadian, South African, and Australian English all have their standard, educated versions which are different from each other (or as a Brit would say, "different to each other". :) )

One of the silly things that happen on the internet is how some British person will argue that their English is the only right one (and usually whatever version of British English that person speaks), and how American English is a corrupted and debased language, and that over here we should speak the same way he and his neighbors over there speak. I love to step up to defend my country from arrogant and ignorant people, so I'll point out how American English is based on two or three British dialects, brought over by immigrants; and how 18th- and 19th-century American scholars (like Thomas Jefferson, among others) worked out a standard, educated version based on how educated Americans spoke at the time; and how this was formally organized by Noah Webster in his Blue Back Spelling Book and his dictionary, which still forms the basis of "proper" American English. All of that usually either shuts them up, or makes them mad. :evillaugh: