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Trans Fear 23 4, 4:37am

@uktana #9856738 oh... I'm also live in Java island, the highest mountain in Java is MT. Semeru in east Java, i saw that mountain when i went to Bromo coz they're in the same National park. And what I meant when i said that i climbed Mt.Bromo, i just climb the 250 stairs for half hour and TA-DA, i already on the top of vulcano, smell that sulfur and saw the fog came from the bottom of vulcano
We also have so many mountains here in west Java near Jakarta (Jakarta just 8 mdpl, near the sea), the mountains just 1 hour from jakarta without traffic jam, and it's so green full of tea gardens, nothing with the snow :D

I never went hike to any mountains that needs many days to climb it, and have a risk to get lost or MIA in the forrest. Even when in Japan, i went to Mt.Fuji by bus, And Tateyama, i must to ride so many transportations
Actually i more like the sea than mountain, i love to swim at beach, my friends always mocking me when at office vacation to the sea, they said that i always change into a "mermaid" they always remind me not to swim far away coz the wave is so high :XD: