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Trans Fear 23 4, 8:23am

@uktana #9856737 ow...thanx for the explanation. Yeah... In english course, the teacher always explained the difference between British and American, sometimes i don't know like lift/elevator, which one is British and which one is American :XD:
We also have the same problem with Indonesian and Malay language, like when we use the word "Kereta" in Indonesian means "train" but in Malay means "car". I though that Indonesian and Malay language are the same with different dialect, until i read a book " My Stupid Boss" written by Indonesian who work in Malaysia, when in the meeting, she only speaks Indonesian with her boss and then, the other Malaysian worker protest that they don't understand what they both saying in Indonesian. But we also have a Malaysia tv show in here, and i still can understand what they say in dialog, it just like hearing old people when they talk, like when i talk to my grandparents with a good and old Indonesian language :D