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Trans Fear 24 4, 10:22am

@uktana #9856760 oh...thanx for the explanation about which one is British and the one with American, i never saw that Dr.Who. the popular British tv show in here is Mr.Bean, and he almost never speak :XD:
Oh...really that English is closest to Dutch. I remember when my grand father was still alive, and he got an Alzeimer, sometimes he speak Dutch, that i can't understand, but Indonesian languange mostly has an influence from Dutch, since we were colonized by the Dutch for almost 350 years. When i saw "Wortel" ID for the first time, i though she was Indonesian, coz in Indonesian "Wortel" is carrot, and when she replied that it also in Dutch, i was forgot that a lot of our words are from Dutch :XD:
And i just realized something, that when i saw on youtube about Netherland, they can't talk the Dutch alone without Indonesia, like in DW Euromaxx about that Eu politics, the presenter talking the others EU countries alone, expt. When he talking for Netherland, he also talk about Indonesia :D: and also Indonesia always be the shadow of when they talking about Netherland or Dutch :D