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Don't go around saying I'm better than God, because that might get me struck by lightning or something. :shocked: As for how much I know about things, well, there's a saying that if I see further than others, it's because I stand on the shoulders of giants. :)

I don't remember Karl Marx at all, but I got a kick out of both Mixu and Finn123, who unfortunately both got banned for bad behavior. They both had their annoying side, but I thought that was a little harsh. Finn123 is the one who asked me if I was Jewish, Asian, or Canadian. :) Mixu showed up at the Retreat and said he was going to invade it with his Mongol horde. I said that this was a bad time for an invasion, so we both agreed to wait until Thursday when it would be more convenient for both of us. We just don't have people like that anymore. :)

Weird-English note: At first I wrote "Mongol hoard" instead of "Mongol horde". It didn't look right, so I checked and found out I had confused "hoard", meaning a stash of useful or valuable objects, with "horde", meaning a nomadic band of warriors. Oops! :XD:

If by "tar" you mean pine tar, that's a folk-remedy that used to be popular in the U.S. Mostly it was used externally for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, but it was also taken internally, usually in the form of "tar water" (just what it sounds like: pine tar dissolved in water), for lung ailments and intestinal problems. It also showed up in a lot of the old snake-oil patent medicines of the time.