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Trans Fear 25 4, 12:01pm

@uktana #9856811 Yeah... Mr.Bean is almost never speaks any english words, i don't even know that he has a British accent :XD: i just found out about Dr.Who and Monty Phyton when u guys always discuss about it in the forum :D
Oh....and don't forget about Durian, and Wortel's fav.fruit "rambutan" (rambut means hair). I miss Wortel too, she wears sarong(usually men wear sarong for muslim prayer and traditional costum) and talking about Indonesian foods, sometimes i feel that Wortel more Indonesian than i am :d

I left discord, coz i just talking to Mixu on discord, he keeps invited me to his new language group that he become a moderator in that, the funny things that he sees himself as a wise moderator, but i saw him as the mad Khan moderator :XD: there was a fact card that said that peoples in Finland have the most Asian DNA, when i was asking Mixu if he also has an Asian blood, then he answear that he is 100℅ Mongol, that's why he always carzy about Khan :XD: but i submit discord from SATW, and always get the notification, and i just don't want to see the post from the members that i avoid from the forum, so i said goodbye to Mixu, wishing him a nice life and then deleted my account.