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Trans Fear 26 4, 8:50pm

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See... U know everything, and always know all the answear :atroll: BTW... Who is the Giant that u stand on of his shoulder?

That's a quote from Isaac Newton, who was one of the greatest geniuses ever, and who did more than anyone to establish modern physics. When people would tell him how smart he was, he would just say that was just building on the work of those before him.

For my part, I stand on the shoulders of giants like Mark Twain, Isaac Asimov, Stephen Jay Gould, Lewis Carroll, and the editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as any number of online resources where I can find out anything I don't know. :)

I'm curious about the Oscar in pandemic :XD: and i didn't see any of it's movies nominations either for this year. So... U will write that in very sarcastic way

I wasn't going to post anything about the Oscars, but since you brought it up, I couldn't help myself. It's on the New What's On Your Mind thread.

BTW... I'm a little surprise as the person who always talking about Movies and actors. U never seen the Oscar :shocked:
Most nomination this year are from Netflix, which i never seen that... I really curious with the winner of That docimentary feature "My Octopus teacher", since we recently talking about the Octopus as an ET, and zombie foods

I wrote a little bit about why I don't usually pay attention to the Oscars in my post on the New What's On Your Mind thread, and also a little bit about My Octopus Teacher. Thank you for pointing that one out to me, I actually might go looking for it since, as you mention, it's on a subject that I enjoy. One problem I have with the hype around the Oscars is that you hear a lot about a few major movies, and then next to nothing about the really cool stuff, like a documentary about octopuses.