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Trans Fear 28 4, 9:39am

@uktana #9856874 yeah...and another weird thing on the show was, when their children finally came to the show, they already teenagers, first they introduce there was a daughter and a son, in season 4,but then only the son "Ronny" who still stay until the end of the seasons, and he is their real adopted son of George and Gracie.
I've seen that kind of things when i saw the "Cosby show" before i know that Bill Cosby is a sexual predator :XD:
In the Cosby show pilot, they said they just have 3 kids, but then they added one more"Sandra" after some episodes and said their oldest kid study in university that never home, and TA-DA they ended with 4 kids. It' doesn't matter if it's not make sense, it just a tv show :XD: