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Trans Fear 29 4, 8:55pm

@RusA #9856897 This reminds me of an incident that happened with a sitcom back in the Eighties: Valerie Harper was a popular actress, known for a role in the classic Mary Tyler Moore Show, and she got her own sitcom titled Valerie, in which she played a character named Valerie Hogan. After two seasons of good ratings, she demanded more money, and when the production company wouldn't give it to her, she walked out. This was followed by a series of lawsuits and negotiations, which ended up with the producers basically telling her, "You can't quit, you're fired!" The show continued with the teenage sons, and with their aunt heading the household, under the name Valerie's Family. The series continued to do well in the ratings, so the brass decided, "Well, who needs Valerie Harper anyway?", and the name was changed to The Hogan Family, and it went on for three more seasons. :)

Something similar happened to Roseanne Barr, with the new version of her sitcom Rosanne: when she got too demanding, the brass fired her, but continued the show under the name The Conners, and it's presently doing quite well without her.