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A place to be nice, hopefully 30 4, 4:18pm

Hello, I’m the former Scanian_dreng.

I’m making this comment to denounce a lot of what I’ve ever said here. I have deep regrets about many things I’ve written here, deep enough to bother making this comment.

This has been gnawing on my mind for a while so I finally decided to clear my conscience.

I’ve tried to get my previous comments deleted but it didn’t work so I figured this was the next best thing. Actually, this might be better.

I found this site when I was 14, my first account was called SweDenmark. I was a massive asshole with a superiority complex back then, as any of you who were there at that time could tell. After saying some very terrible things and getting a warning, I left. 2 or so years later I remembered this site and remembered how I acted here the first time around. When I was 16 I had changed quite a bit, I wanted to make up for what I did here with my first account. I rejoined under another username with the intent to be kind.

I believe I succeeded in doing so in the beginning, but it turned out it was the worst time for me to rejoin. At that time I was in the middle of a depressed episode and soon after I began my edgy right winger episode.
The right wing talking points I made here are among the things I regret the most.
I’m no longer a right winger, about 2 and a half years ago I started becoming more and more left leaning and I’m thoroughly appalled by some of the things I said here as a right winger.

I also lied quite a bit, especially when telling stories of myself, sometimes I completely made things up but mostly I exaggerated the truth an absurd amount in the hopes of impressing others. I even did this with stories about me being violent as a kid because I thought it would impress. Although I was a rowdy kid I wasn’t nearly as bad as I made it seem.

My friendliness was genuine, but not all my friendly comments were. I often said things just to make people feel better, I did mean compliments genuinely too, but only about 50% of the time.

I don’t blame you if you remember me as that one asshole from that one webcomic. But please, understand that no one hates that asshole more than me. He‘s not who I am and he’s not who I want to be.

Ultimately I failed in my mission to make up for how I behaved the first time I was here, but I’ve learned from this experience. I know better than any previous version of myself.

Maybe you don’t care at all about this, but I’m doing this for myself just as much as I’m doing it for anyone else.

I can’t forgive myself unless I come clean about this.

I’m so sorry.

As a safety measure, I’ll tell you that any other account or even post from this account that claims to be me isn’t me. This is my final post on SatW, now I can finally leave it behind for good.

Best of wishes to all of you.