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Trans Fear 30 4, 10:02pm

@RusA #9856912 Our public TV network had a series of documentaries about cats, talking about their evolution, their history, and how they live in their environments, from lions and tigers to housecats. One of the most impressive things was that they pointed out that biologically, all cats are pretty much the same, in spite of their differences in looks and size. When I've seen them in zoos, it doesn't take much imagination to see them as being just big housecats. :)


Supposedly, cats became domesticated shortly after humans invented agriculture and then invented something called "grain storage". With stored grain came hungry mice, and after the mice showed up, the wild desert or jungle cats starting showing up to prey on them. It didn't take long for the humans to realize that it would be nice to have cats around all the time, and for the cats to realize that there was more to life than scrounging around for a living. :)