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they watched fox news and then believe what they said that Trump is the smartest human on earth, very genius, and the best president ever

There's an episode of The Twilight Zone called "Hocus Pocus and Frisby", which is about a guy who's always spinning tall tales about what a great guy he is, just to entertain his friends.

Then he gets abducted by ETs who have no concept of lying or storytelling, and assume that everything he says is true, and that he really is the greatest human who ever lived. (Spoiler alert: he escapes when he finds out they can't stand his harmonica playing!)

Here's another article about it, with some screencaps. The remarkable thing is that this episode was broadcast in 1962, a year and a half before Betty and Barney Hill spoke publicly of their abduction experience, which had happened in 1961, but was unknown to the public and press at the time. And the aliens under their human disguise have some similarities to the Gray Aliens we're all familiar with today, but weren't at all common in previous abduction stories, though similar creatures did show up from time to time in the contemporary science fiction. MInd you, these sci-fi works were in black and white, so all of those aliens would have looked gray to anyone who was watching. image

when they arrive at their planet, Trump starting to make many racist comments about how bad is their planet, how ugly they are, and how greeny their children are and not white enough for him. So....they can't take him anymore.

I love it! I may borrow this idea for something later on, if you don't mind. :XD: