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Trans Fear 2 5, 11:19am

@uktana #9857018 oh...when my parents told me to sleep alone in my own bed room for the first time, i asked them if i can pet a cat, i was afraid with ghost and didn't want to sleep alone upstairs. First they said "no" cat as a pet since my father already have fish and bird as pets. But then there was a foster cat that always came to our house, and my father's car accidently crash the cat, we though the cat run away and die somewhere, but then he magically came back and alive, they really have a nine life :grumpy:
So...finally i was allowed to pet that cat, and sleep with the cat in my bed room, but it wasn't easy to make the cat stay all night in my room. I must to fight with the cat, so he can't escape from the window and my arm always full with the scratches all the time. My friends always asked me when they saw all that scratches if i fight with someone or i want to kill myself, and i must to explained to them that it was a cat that made it :XD:
BTW, my mom said if the cat can life for over ten years, they become a witch,and my first cat life almost 15 years, so we though he must be a witch :shocked: