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Trans Fear 3 5, 12:27am

@RusA #9857028
First they said "no" cat as a pet since my father already have fish and bird as pets.

Yeah, I can see how with fish and birds as pets, they'd be reluctant to have a cat around. :XD:

BTW, my mom said if the cat can life for over ten years, they become a witch,and my first cat life almost 15 years, so we though he must be a witch

I've never heard that one. In Western folklore, cats are associated with witches, but as familiars (demonic assistants) or as the shape a witch takes when she sends her spirit out to cause mischief. One or both of these is the reason we say that it's bad luck for a black cat to cross your path: it might be that a witch or her familiar has noticed you and might do you harm.

As far as age goes, a fifteen-year-old cat is just an old cat, we have no particular anxieties about that, except that the owner might have to spend a bundle of money on veterinarian bills. :XD: