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Yeah... Why is always black cat associated with witch, for me all cat are evil :grumpy:

It may be because the color black is traditionally associated with sorrow and loss (people at funerals and in mourning often dress in black), and also with the Devil and the powers of darkness. Witches were said to deal with the Devil appearing as "The Black Man" - this does not mean a person of African descent with dark brown skin; it means a humanoid figure who is literally the color of coal. So, in a natural association of thought, black cats along with other black animals came to be seen as servants of these powers.

I think a lot of that comes from the spookiness of encountering a black cat at night: they blend into the darkness, so they can suddenly appear or disappear seemingly out of nowhere; or they can appear as just a pair of glowing eyes, which can be quite frightening until you figure out that it's just a cat.