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WHAT? U have an April fool as a holiday? I read that Sweden has a waffel day as a holiday :XD:

April Fools Day is a very old custom going back to Europe. In the French version, also in Quebec, they hang a fish onto someone's back so that he walks around with it until someone points it out. Poisson d'Avril! :) That's what they say, "April Fish!", instead of "April Fool!" It used to be a real, smelly fish, but these days it's usually paper or cardboard.

The French above translates as "to glue a fish onto someone's back".

For our April Fools Day, we don't do that. We play pranks on each other, or try to get someone to do something ridiculous to make him look like a fool. Radio stations and news outlets will often give a fake news report and then see how many listeners fall for it. It's always something ridiculous, like how the government is recalling the green money and replacing it with orange money, so we should take all our green money to the bank and have it exchanged for the orange money. The banks hated that one, because people actually did show up to exchange their money. :) One of my favorites was from a website that's no longer around that ran an article about a merger between Walmart and Disney Company, with the new company called WaltMart, and would open miniature Disney theme parts at Walmart stores. There's also a famous one from the BBC where they reported on the latest bumper crop of spaghetti from the Italian and Swiss spaghetti farms.

And Diwali for Indian from India, and how about the Indian native American, are the get any holiday? I mean they still USA citizen,right? Not an immigrant?

American Indians generally keep their festivals to themselves, only allowing tribal members and other people they trust to participate. Most tribes, at least the settled ones that grew crops, have a harvest festival in the autumn that in English is usually called the Green Corn Dance. Some of them are open to the public and some aren't. The local Mashantucket Pequot tribe, which owns the big Foxwoods Casino, have one they call Schemitzen in August which is quite popular. It's a multi-tribal affair, and they get Indians from all over the country to participate in traditional dance contests and sell their handicrafts to visitors. (Come for the artwork, stay for the gambling! :) ) The Western Cherokees used to have two corn dances, the Green Corn Dance in August, and the Ripe Corn Dance in September. These days, they split the difference and have just one: the Cherokee National Festival on Labor Day weekend in early September. Then there are what are called "powwows", which are festivals that occur throughout the year, different dates for different tribes. I know Indian artists and craftsmen who make their living on "the powwow circuit", meaning they spend most of the year traveling around the country from one tribal powwow to another selling their work.

WHAT? indonesia is a zero tolerance? We don't just celebrate the white Christian holiday like Christmas, easter(paskah) as our national holiday here, why can they tell that Indonesia has a zero not even 10℅ tolerance :angry: i mean like...if they even look at them selves in the mirror. I bet they only have just white Christian holiday.

I know, it's like some people in the media just won't accept that there's such a thing as Islam that's not theocratic and terrorist. We certainly have such people in our Christian communities, the most extreme version of which are the Christian Reconstructionists, who want to eliminate the Constitution as the basis of our civil law and replace it with something based on their interpretation of the Law of Moses (stoning gay people to death seems to be something they're especially promoting). But even not going to that extreme, a lot of conservative Christians think that the civil law ought to reflect their religious beliefs: women barred from outside-the-home employment, no businesses open on Sunday, and everything they don't like should be explicitly against the law. I think one reason they're so afraid of Muslims and their shari'a is that they don't want the competition. :XD: And yes, if it were up to them, all non-Christian holidays would be banned. Some would eliminate Christmas and Easter as being more pagan than Christian, and would prefer Biblical holy days like Passover. These are the people who are complaining these days about being persecuted by non-Christians, because they don't know the difference between persecution and not getting their way all the time. :stare:

Today, even the Australia learn Indonesia language for their student in their school, but for me like when i travel abroad Indonesian is my secret language, so i can speak in front of that person the thing that they don't want to hear, but now that Australian can understand us, nothing fun anymore

That thing about using Indonesian as a secret language that might not be so secret, reminds me of people in the neighborhood where I live - they'll switch to Spanish when they don't want us Anglos to know what they're saying, not realizing that I understand enough Spanish to follow a conversation. I never let on, though, because why spoil their fun? :) Australians probably learn Indonesian these days for the same reason that American schools - which used to teach only French, Spanish, and German as foreign languages - are now teaching Russian and Mandarin Chinese, because the world is a much smaller place these days.