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Glow up 5 5, 10:00pm

@atlachan Well.. pink as an infant male colour.. That was more medieval, and was actually washed-out red (usually madder-dyed). Definitely not Barbie/Candyfloss pink. Kids' clothes were made from the washed-out "we can still make something out of this" pile.. Men wore the bright stuff, with the madder-red cloth tunic and hosen the equivalent of Working Clothes/blue jeans.

I have a lovely old madder-dyed gambeson that occasionally gets me the nickname "mcPink", because it has become washed out over two decades of use, repair, and re-assembly/washing. It looks *proper*.. :)

The light blue for girls is a matter of woad-dyed cloth being cheaper, becoming light blue over washing ( same "can make something out of this" rationale) , and that colour being strongly tied to the Holy Virgin.. Something people took pretty seriously in those days..