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Trans Fear 5 5, 11:01pm

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Seems like all the news we get over here about Indonesia is about plane crashes and terrorist bombings and how bad covid-19 is over there. That's if we hear any news about the country at all, which we don't get very much of. It's mostly China and India and Japan with pretty much nothing in between. :XD: One of the reasons our domestic terrorist problem is so bad now in the U.S. is that Homeland Security was focusing so much on Muslim-Americans, who mostly just want to live their lives and make a living like the rest of us, that the violent end of the alt-right, the militia movement, and various other fruitcake groups were allowed to grow with very little attention, until they tried to overthrow our government. Now all of a sudden, DHS is saying, "OMG, the country is full of terrorists - and they're all white native-born Americans!!!!" image