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Trans Fear 6 5, 4:39am

@uktana #9857138 yeah...there was a controversial things after the Vegas shooting, how the Western media always pick aside, like when it's Black peoples then they always say "a murder", and if they a Muslim they use the word " terrorist" and when they a white, they use more positive names like "a good person with mental problems" it's all about the positive names, recently that Colorado shooting also, when the media report that he isn't a racist man, i saw South China Morning post, all Asian comments "What?he killed 6 Asian women, and they said he's not a racist?". And like when John Oliver explaining about immigrant stealing somekind of small things but the media reported with the bad negative things, he always said "look at the British Museum, that place is full of stolen stuffs from all over the world" :XD:
Theres a strange local news that i read recently, that the Netherland goverment will send all their things in their museum, stuffs about Indonesia that they brought in their colonialism era, and i was thinking isn't that the British Museum that they were protesting about? Why the Netherland is the one who send their stuffs back to us :XD:
And about the plane crash, we suspect that our sea has some kind that powerfull magnet like that Bermuda triangel, it''s always the budget airplanes that crashed when they fly not that high, not that our national airplane. And the Covid-19 magically no one of my family and relatives got that, two month ago my aunt sent a message news, asking families to pray for my father's cousin who got that Covid-19, coz he already in ICU and need the plasma donor, and i was thinking "oh... That uncle and my father was really close, and he is a good uncle" but then my aunt gave the news that he survive after a relatives gave a herbal medicine to him at the hospital :happy:

The negative news it is the one more like when i saw our local news about Israel that always negative. Then when i saw in Rick Steve travel video that Palestinian crossing the border to work in Israel, like i though they just killing each others :XD: , or when Conan O'brien went to Israel and the visit the Syrian refugee hospital, that kind of positive news never reported by our local news, so...peoples in here just think that Israel just bad, and nothing good about them :XD: