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oh... I meant that my cousins are Catholic, they don't believe in divorce, some catholic already not make a divorce as a big deal anymore, we also have a catholic celebrity who got divorce too, but some still believe it's a sin.

Yes, divorce is still against the teachings of the Catholic Church, but they do have a loophole: they grant annulments, which is an official decision that the marriage was never valid in the first place. There are all kinds of little things that can affect the validity of the Sacrament of Matrimony, and they only need to find one of those things to annul the marriage. But they say that the children of the marriage are still considered legitimate in the eyes of the Church; so from the point of view of a Protestant, it looks like they're giving out divorces and calling them "annulments". :XD:

Here in the U.S., Catholics don't always respect the Church's official teachings, and if the bishop won't grant an annulment, they just go ahead and get a civil divorce anyway. I don't begin to know what kind of complications that causes. For us Lutherans, we frown on divorce, and an unhappy couple will work with the pastor and the bishop to work things out; but some marriages just can't be saved, and we consider it a better moral decision to end the marriage and try again than to stay together and make everyone miserable.

And if i want to be a partnership with someone maybe not in this country, like the neighbor will report that kind of things, this not a country for "mind your own business"

Some parts of the U.S. are like that, notably in the South and small towns in the Midwest. Here in the Northeast, people do tend to mind their own business, to the extent that people from the South consider us "unfriendly", while we for our part consider them to be intrusively nosy.